Neonheart is a song about overcoming hardship and solitude. When you are lost in the dark, just follow the neon butterflies…

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“Feel those neon butterflies…”

Bittersweet flowers

Bittersweet flowers is a song about a friend of mine who lives quite far away. Sometimes I have to think back to the girl with the bittersweet flowers in her hair.

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“And I know in my heart, that her beauty cuts like a knife…”


“With gentle words they speak, of violence and expectations, with gentle words they speak, of war and reconciliation, of exctasy and peace and other ghosts your heart is hiding” – The shadows that follow us along our way…

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“Through the dark, through the light, shadows fading in the night…”

Die Decke ist aus Glas

“Ich dreh mich im Kreis, ich kann euch nicht mehr geben” – Ein Lied für alle die allein sind im Land, für stürmische Zeiten und ungewisse Umstände…

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“Die Welt sie dreht sich, aber ich kann nicht schneller laufen…”

The Rabbit Hole

“I follow white rabbits to you” – If you feel like you are going down a rabbit hole again, have a listen to this song.

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“Down, I go down, I go down, down through the rabbit hole…”

The Riddle

“I get stuck in the middle, I can’t solve the riddle” – Making difficult decisions has never been a strenght of mine. If you feel the same, then this song is for you.

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“Left I go, right I go, my mind feels so brittle my mind feels so slow…”


“Scarred from fights that I have won and the violence in your heart” – Relationships are not easy sometimes.

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“And I feel you in the dark creeping slowly through my heart…”

Living worlds apart

I wrote this song for my wife Niusha during a time when we were living far away from each other. This is her song, so I chose her favorite birds for the artwork.

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“Floating turning around, hold my hand and I lift you high of the ground…”

The Great Unknown

If you have ever been thrown into a situation that you are unfamiliar with, be it frightening or maybe just profoundly new, this song is for you.

“And we’re all just thrown, into the great unknown…”

Back Home to You

(Early Version)


A song about coming home, this particular feeling that we all strive for. If your feet are tired and you’ve walked too far, have a listen to this one.

“My restless feet they carry me away, back home to you…”

Jolene Acoustic Cover

My own interpretation of one of my all-time favorite songs, Jolene by the legendary Dolly Parton. Recorded during the “Living Room Sessions”.

“And I had to have this talk with you, my happiness depends on you…”

A World in White



Winter is governed by strong contrasts, both beauty and harshness seem to live at it’s heart. Interpretation for two classic guitars with nylon strings.

“A mountain as cold as ice…”

Living Room Sessions

Due to my ongoing health issues, I’m unfortunately not able to play any live concerts at the moment. However, I miss playing live and therefore I came up with the “Living Room Sessions” concept. Over the next couple of months I will record some covers and acoustic versions of my own songs in my living room and post them on Youtube. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible and to do only a couple of takes.

All of my music

If you want to hear more, you can find the rest of my music on Soundcloud, Spotify and Youtube.

“Lately I’ve been searching for, answers that just can’t seem to be found…”