The Living Room Sessions

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Due to my ongoing health issues, I’m unfortunately not able to play any live concerts at the moment. However, I miss playing live quite a lot and therefore I came up with the “Living Room Sessions” concept. Over the next couple of months I will record some covers and acoustic versions of my own songs in my living room and post them on Youtube. Let me know if you like them…

Yoyo Mtt.

The idea of the “Living Room Sessions” is to keep everything as simple a possible. I wanted to find a way to record some live cover versions with just me and my guitar. I didn’t want to sing into a large microphone, which would block most of my face, so I decided to use a clip-on mic with a couple of microphones in the room. The audio quality is of course less great as with a large condenser mic, however I think for YouTube videos it should be good enough.

My plan is to perform a couple of one-takes of my most favorite songs and then just take the best take and put it up on YouTube. Just a simple mix and master, upload and play…

Helping me with this endeavour is George, who is a professional mixer and sound engineer from Greece, currently living and working in London. He also has a background as professional piano player. He’s an overall great guy, so if you have any mixing needs, just contact him through Soundbetter under the link below.

George Papadopoulos

George Papadopoulos is a mixing engineer and composer as well as a classically trained pianist. Having finished his training at Abbey Road Studios, he is currently working as In-House Assistant Engineer at Music Immersive for Stan Kybert.

So having spend this much time without being able to play live, I feel that I’m finally on the way to recovery and I’m happy to share my journey with you. Stay tuned for more upcoming videos, I have quite a large repertoire of cover songs. Also I’ll try to cover a couple of classic “Hip Hop” songs, that you would normally not hear from a guy with a acoustic guitar. So I’m working hard on improving my rap skills…

Yoyo Mtt.


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