The Great Singalong: Karaoke Style

by | Jan 10, 2024 | 0 comments

Following the release of the “The Great Unknown” music video, we are starting “The Great Singalong” Karaoke challenge. I’m hoping that you are all super motivated to send in some funny videos and I’m definitely looking forward to your interpretations of the song.. 

Yoyo Mtt.

Welcome to the official “The Great Unknown” Karaoke challenge 😊 


1) You can do whatever you want in the video, if you don’t want to sing then at least use the phrase “Into the Great Unknown”.

2) If you sing along to the original song use headphones or earplugs so that only your singing voice can be heard. 😊

3) If you want to use an instrument, even better!

4) Take videos of your performance with your phone and send us everything.

5) We will edit and put everything together and make a short video for you.

All the videos will be posted down below, however only here and not on social media so don’t worry! 😊

The idea of this challenge is not to sing very well but to send a funny short video, so feel free to perform in any singing style, outfit or interesting places. 😊

Pia & Loki

Maria (@_marieistwach_)

Siyao & Avocado


Johannes & Minou

Arman & Mithra


Wilfried (@Folkstrottel)