Music from the other side of the World

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Many things can be said about the quirks and eccentricities of my sister Sarah. But none is probably as pronounced as her profound love for the ocean. And so it didn’t come as a surprise to me when she moved, after a brief stay in Brighton in the UK, all the way to Australia in pursuit of her oceanic lifestyle. In addition to being one of my favorite persons in this world, Sarah is also a great dancer, pianist and lately also singer. Much to my surprise she even managed to get accepted in the ___choir at the Sydney Opera House. So there are many adventures to share…

Yoyo Mtt.

The Music we play

As with all things in life that trully matter, everything is not as it seems at a first glance. On the outside my sister Sarah is of course a very interesting human being, a musical artist with exceptional skills. However, it is often the things that can not be seen on the outside that make something trully remarkable. And this also the case for Sarah. In all of my life, I have never met someone as resilient as her. This is truly an exceptional feat, even in the face of complete disaster and unrelentless resistance it seems that she is not moved and still seems to be able to continue on her path. 

This seems even more surprising, as she trully does not poses an inherent stable personality. However it seems that at her very core, there lives a resilience, that cannot be matched by anything.

And this is why I love her so much.

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